I want to share my 3 pups’ favorite game.

They go absolutely crazy for this game — plus it’s made them more alert and more focused.

As you know, active playtime is key to keeping your pup mentally enriched…

And for strengthening your bond even further.

That’s why, when it comes to playtime, we always go for one game in particular…

It’s a game I like to call: Hidden Treasure.

Hidden Treasure is similar to that sleight-of-hand magic trick that we humans like to play — but it’s a lot more fun.

To get started, you’ll need 5 empty containers (like old Tupperware you don’t mind your dog playing with) and a healthy treat.

Here’s How to Play:

1. Place your containers upside down on the ground.

2. Hide a bit of treat underneath one of the containers — and make sure your dog is watching! I recommend making a big show of rearranging them.

(It may be helpful to have them “sit” while you do this.)

3. Encourage your pup to sniff around the containers to find the hidden treat.

4. Once your furry friend finds the right container, give them the treat and a ton of praise so they know they’ve won.

(A little love and a few ear scratches will help them learn the rules faster and give them even MORE motivation to play!)

Sharper Dog | Dr Marty Pets5. Once your dog learns the rules, try making it even more challenging for your clever pup by placing the containers further and further apart.

(TIP: I like to break a single treat into multiple pieces to keep my dogs from filling up… and to keep our playtimes long.)

You see, games like this challenge your dog’s focus and stimulate their hunting and tracking skills…

Which provides the mental enrichment needed to strengthen your pup’s brain…

And helps make the MOST of the time you spend together.

As a busy dog dad myself, I know how bad it feels when you finally get home to your pup… but by then, it’s too late in the day for proper playtime.

So while I always recommend walking your dog (depending on their energy level) for 15 minutes at least twice a day…

This game is great for sneaking in a session of active playtime that you can do indoors, using items you already have in your house.

After all, active playtime is essential to keeping your dog sharp and focused — so why not make it fun for you too?

Oh, and here’s one more “bonus benefit”…

This game also sparks the amazing canine abilities your dog inherited from their ancestors…

Which is very cool to see.

But most importantly, games like this strengthen the unique bond you share…

And add some fun to both you AND your pup’s daily routine.

Sharper Dog | Dr Marty Pets

After your dog masters that game…

Here’s a bonus game for you.

It’s something you can add to your daily walks to not only exercise your dog’s body, but invigorate their mind…

And SPARK their natural hunting instinct too.

To get started, you’ll need a dog-safe item that has your scent (such as a knotted t-shirt or balled-up sock — anything that’s safe for your dog to play with) and a healthy treat.

Here’s How to Play:

As you walk your dog, drop the item you’ve been carrying and continue walking.

Walk a few more feet, stop, and look around like you lost something…

Sharper Dog | Dr Marty PetsThen say something along the lines of, “Where is it? Can you find it?”

Start to walk back to the spot where you dropped the item, and encourage your dog to “find it.”

For the first few rounds, your pup will probably need some help — so give your best boy or girl a clue by pointing to the item.

When your dog finds it, get excited and reward them with a treat so they pick up on the rules.

Pretty soon they’ll rely solely on their sense of smell to find the dropped item…

And they’ll love you even more for adding this fun “twist” to your usual walks.

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