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What Customers are Saying:

What Customers
are Saying:

Healthier digestion & firmer poops

More youthful energy & playfulness

Healthy coats
& less itching

Dogs LOVE it
(even picky eaters!)

Healthier digestion
& firmer poops

Healthy coats
& less itching

More youthful energy
& playfulness

More youthful energy & playfulness

Dogs LOVE it
(even picky eaters!)

She loves it

My baby has Infamnatory Bowel Disease and most food (other than one) makes her sick after about a week or two. I hope she can tolerate this because she absolutely loves it.

Kimmie B. Verified Reviewer

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Renewed my Dogs Vigor, activity, and interest in eating.

Natures Blend has brought back my dogs youth at 12 years of age. She had slowed down and now is very active again as she was some 5 or 6 years ago.

Joseph Castelan Verified Reviewer

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Loves it

My dog won't eat anything else. Loves it.

Joan Nixon Verified Reviewer

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Good dog food

My little dog loves it

Susan England Verified Reviewer

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WOW - this food really works.

I was relucent at first to believe all the advertisement benefits and that my Pug would enjoy Nature's Blend, but I followed the instructions, and my finicky 3-year-old Pug cleaned her bowl and wanted more; she even enjoys the tiny pellets as a treat by themselves. She has experienced no side effects from Nature's Blend and now enjoys a healthy diet. Thank You Dr. Marty.

Don Theall Verified Reviewer

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Frost Byte Approved

Ever since I’ve changed Frost Bytes food I’ve noticed the changes in his coat and energy, but most of all his love for his food.

Claudia Verified Reviewer

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Dr. Marty’s dog foid

My lil Maltese loves this food

Maryjane Verified Reviewer

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This food has really helped my 14 year old dogs perk up. They live it and seem healthier. I recommend it to all of my friends with pets.

Lisa Hingle Verified Reviewer

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Best thing we ever fed our dog

My 13 year old ship tzu has a new lease on life. Running and going up stairs again great product

Tom Verified Reviewer

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Water Time

My shelter dog has a lot of issues. One of those is drinking water. He is afraid some other dog is going to get him. So to get him to eat his “Dr. Marty’s” is an event. He weighs 14 pounds. He gets 8 pieces cut up of Dr. Marty’s. (I accidentally got 3 bags of the big adult). My two small dogs eat the small size. I have had to cut them up. I didn’t try to exchange them. . He has had his jaw broken many times and cannot eat big food. He then gets 3 cut up milk bone mini favor and a small cup of hard food just to save a little money and keep it interesting. Then I warm water up for 44?seconds in the microwave every night for this dog. Then I pour the water over it. Cover the food with water up. Let it sit there for about 15 minutes covered. Then u will really get a meal your dogs will LOVE! Especially with Dr. Marty’s as the base! And my DOGS get plenty of WATER!!!!!! And my dog gets his favorite food. He thinks any food is his favorite food. But DR. MARTY’s is his favorite!! He never turns his nose up!

Glyn Owen Verified Reviewer

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Best Dog Food Ever!

Our Shetland Sheepdog is a picky eater and when we presented this food to him, he went nuts and scarfed down the bowl! It's the only food that we do not have to add additional chicken etc. He just doves it. I just wish it was less costly.

Mike Hamlin Verified Reviewer

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I think everyone with a dog, should start this food now. The change is almost immediate. The health, disposition, mood and appearance of "Toby" makes me feel so happy I found Dr Marty."s dog food.

Larry Verified Reviewer

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Our little 4 yr old Yorkie loves this food dry or with water added!!!

Erica Verified Reviewer

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Very Easy To Use

My dog's regular vet and her holistic vet both agree with the formula listed. She loves it right out of the bag or as a topper to her special digestive food.

Cherrie Ann Moses Verified Reviewer

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Why Freeze-Dried Raw?

Most commercial pet food is cooked at high temperatures — which destroys many of the nutrients.

Our premium dog and cat food formulas are gently freeze-dried to help protect the nutrients your pet needs to thrive — and the delicious flavor and texture they love.

Over 45 years of
veterinary experience!

Meet Dr. Marty

Called the “Miracle Worker” by Forbes Magazine, Dr. Marty has been a leading voice in integrative veterinary medicine for more than 45 years. He’s the bestselling author of The Nature of Animal Healing and The Spirit of Animal Healing and has appeared on national television programs including The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Martha Stewart Show, and Good Morning America. He stars in the critically-acclaimed documentary, The Dog Doc.

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  • ZERO Artificial Preservatives or Additives Ingredients like these can potentially harm your pet’s health. That’s why we’re committed to clean, nutritious ingredients that support your furry friend’s happiness and wellbeing.
  • Premium Whole Foods & Award-Winning Ingredients From the New Zealand-raised beef in our freeze-dried raw pet foods to the award-winning compounds in our supplements, we use high-quality ingredients that help your pet thrive.
  • Naturally Irresistible Flavor and Texture Even picky eaters fall in love with our freeze-dried raw foods. And our supplements are naturally delicious (meaning no “pill hiders” necessary!)
  • Third-Party Tested for Purity & Potency Every batch of freeze-dried raw food, supplements, and treats are triple-checked to ensure they’re safe and effective for your furry friend.
  • Freshly Manufactured in North America All Dr. Marty Pets formulas are made at high safety and quality standards, with thoughtfully-sourced ingredients from trusted partners.

Every Dr. Marty Pets purchase supports Freedom Service Dogs of America

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