There are quite a few natural foods and whole foods you can share that are good for dogs and their health. And one of those foods just happens to be eggs. So, when you ask yourself, Can dogs eat eggs? you should know, the answer is: yes. Yes, they can.

Egg Nutrition for Your Dog

Egg nutrition being good for dogs isn’t a new thing. In fact, pups used to be notorious for swiping eggs wherever they could find them. Furthermore, dogs that took eggs from the nests of birds or chicken coops not only feasted on the inside of the raw eggs — they ate them whole (including that crunchy shell).

Does this mean you should feed your dog the eggshell? Well, no. However, it turns out eggs are a pretty good source of protein and nutrients for your precious pup.

So again, the answer to the question, Can dogs eat eggs? is… absolutely.

The great advantage of feeding Fido eggs goes far beyond the protein content. Eggs are an amazing source of amino and fatty acids. But that’s not all. Eggs also provide healthy doses of —

  • Can Dogs Eat Eggs | Dr MartyIron
  • Riboflavin
  • Folate
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B12
  • Selenium1

Can dogs eat eggs if they’re not feeling well? One of the best ways to help your pooch with an upset stomach is to feed them something light and easy — the egg is perfect here. You might just want to check in with your vet to see how many eggs your dog should be able to tolerate. You want to be careful not to give your dog too much to eat — especially when they’re already out-of-sorts.

And be sure to leave the eggs plain. Your dog has a pretty simple palette — they don’t need salt, pepper, or any fancy seasonings.

But Can Dogs Eat RAW Eggs?

Now, while dogs have been known to lap up the yolks and whites of raw eggs, there are some potential risk factors when it comes to feeding a dog raw eggs. It’s not recommended. Here’s why:

For starters, there’s a specific enzyme in raw eggs that can prevent the absorption of a B vitamin called biotin. Your dog needs biotin for a few reasons, not the least of which are:

  • It helps support healthy skin
  • Better support of digestion
  • Maintenance of a healthy metabolism2

Another potential risk when it comes to giving your dog raw eggs is salmonella. Salmonella infection is a foodborne illness that animals (and people) get if they happen to consume raw eggs or raw meat, contaminated dairy products, or even produce that’s been contaminated. And if your pooch gets salmonella, they might even pass it on to you, or your family.3

Of course, these situations are not common, but better safe than sorry.

Can Dogs Eat Eggs | Dr MartyIn the End…

If you want to feed your dog with natural foods, or even give them a break from their daily kibble, eggs are a great option. First of all, they’re affordable, but they’re healthy too. And your dog will gobble them up. Just make sure the eggs are plain. You don’t want to season them with salt, pepper, or any kind of seasoning for that matter.

Can dogs eat eggs? Yep, they sure can.

As you’ll want to do every time you offer your pet something new — check in with your dog’s veterinarian. But once you do, go ahead and give your pup the occasional treat of a cooked egg. Once you get the okay, you’ll know you’re in the clear and your dog will be so grateful. They may even thank you with some post-egg cuddles.

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