Did you ever see the show Soul Train?

It was a television show back in the 1970s where dancers with the grooviest moves would boogie non-stop to the best music of the time.

We called it “getting down with the boogie” back then 🙂

Well, today, I want to show you how YOU can dance and “boogie” with your dog!

It’s a trick called a figure 8.

To do this move, you stand with your feet spread apart and use your hand to guide your pup through and around your legs in an “8” shape.

This trick is such a fun way to be active and bond with your furry best friend…

Plus, it can help you BOTH flex important “mental muscles” through memorization, problem-solving, and focus.

Here’s how you can teach your dog to “boogie down” with you.

Little tricks like these are not only fun, they also help the two of you expand your shared vocabulary

And create wonderful memories together. So give this “doggie dance move” a try — it’ll be totally groovy 🙂

To you, and your best friend,

Dr. Marty Pets