All your Questions Answered

Watch this video for quick and easy ways to get your cat started.

Serve Nature’s Feast at
any consistency

For moist food, many cats enjoy a mix of 1 part warm water to 2 parts food. But you can add as much or as little water as they like to fully customize the consistency. If they’re used to dry food, serve it completely dry!

Your cat may be addicted
to the low-quality carbs
found in most kibble

At first, this “carb addiction” could make your cat reluctant to dive in to the premium meat in Nature’s Feast. Use a fork to breakup the food before serving to release the meaty scent. This will rekindle your cat’s meat-loving instinct.

Transition to Nature’s
Feast gradually

To help your cat get used to the new food, carefully follow the simple transition plan in the Easy Start-Up Guide included in your order of Nature’s Feast.

Get a digital Easy Start-Up Guide for Dr. Marty Nature’s Feast

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is this formula freeze-dried?

Most cat food companies cook their food extensively — which strips it of all the nutritional value. Dr. Marty Nature’s Feast is designed to mimic what your cat would eat in the wild — while also ensuring your cat gets the maximum nutritional content from every meal.

What is the complete ingredient list?

Turkey, Beef, Salmon, Duck, Flax, Beef Liver, Turkey Hearts, Turkey Liver, Sweet Potato, Eggs, Pea Flour, Carrots, Apples, Blueberries, Cranberries, Pumpkin Seeds, Spinach, Ginger, Salt, Mixed Tocopherols.

What if it doesn’t work for my cat? Is there a guarantee?

Absolutely. Just keep in mind — if your cat is used to eating store-bought cat food, transitioning to this nutrient-dense raw diet may take some time. (That’s because the processed carbohydrates in commercial cat foods can be very addictive, so some cats won’t fully embrace their new healthy diet right away.)

That’s why I encourage you to try Nature’s Feast for a full 90 days before deciding if it’s right for your cat. This will give them time to adjust to its healthy ingredients and meaty taste and give you time to assess their results. But, if you don’t see a noticeable improvement in your cat’s health and happiness within 90 days, please let us know. We’ll promptly issue a full purchase-price refund, hassle-free.


What’s the easiest way to make Nature’s Feast for my cat?

Place the desired amount of freeze-dried food into a non-toxic, heat-safe dish.

Break pieces apart with a fork.
Add warm water.

Allow water to soak into Nature’s Feast for 3 minutes. Then gently mix with a spoon, until texture is consistent.

My cat prefers a little less water in Nature’s Feast… is that okay?

Absolutely. The amount of water you use won’t affect the high-quality nutritional value of Nature’s Feast, so it can be served at any consistency. Feel free to “tinker” with the food based on your cat’s preference. (For example, if your kitty is used to dry food, you may serve Nature’s Feast completely dry as well.)

Getting Started

Does each cat breed need a different food?

They do not! I designed this formula to be the best overall diet for cats of any breed, and in any health condition. The nutrient profile contains every ingredient your cat’s body needs to live its longest, healthiest life possible.

Day 1-3:
Replace 25% of your cat’s old food with Nature’s Feast. Combine evenly in bowl before serving.

Day 4-6:
Replace 50% of your cat’s old food with Nature’s Feast. Combine evenly in bowl before serving.

Day 7-9:
Replace 75% of your cat’s old food with Nature’s Feast. Combine evenly in bowl before serving.

Day 10:
Serve your cat a bowl of 100% Nature’s Feast!

How should I transition my cat to Nature’s Feast?

If your cat is new to Nature’s Feast, it may take their body a little time to adjust to its dense nutritional content — this is perfectly normal.

(After all, going from “fast food” to fresh healthy meals can be a bit of a gut-shock at first!)

To avoid overwhelming your cat’s digestive system with too many new nutrients all at once, you should wean them onto Nature’s Feast gradually as described below.