Have you ever wondered why your cat always wants to curl up in the softest, coziest spot in the room?

Well, turns out this need for soft surfaces isn’t just because your furry pal loves to be pampered…

It goes a little deeper than that. You see, from the tips of their whiskers to the pads of their paws…

Your kitty’s whole body is designed to detect even the smallest disturbances around them, like a feline motion detector.

This makes your furry pal an excellent hunter in the wild. They can sense the vibrations caused by a small animal walking through the grass nearby!

But inside your home, where there are constant little noises and rattles of everyday life…

This sensitivity can make it difficult for your kitty to relax.

Unless of course, they find a perfect, soft surface to reduce the vibrations and dampen sounds.

And while a nice soft bed might be your cat’s current choice…

There’s actually something you can make that will provide even better protection.

A kitty hammock.

It’s exactly like a hammock for us humans… but kitty-sized for your furry pal!

The reason a cat hammock is so effective is because the frame absorbs most vibrations while the fabric cradles your sleeping kitty.

Cat furniture like this usually costs a pretty penny, but my method is practically free, and it only takes about 30 minutes.

Here’s how it’s done…

I know it’ll be a huge hit with your furry pal! Even though their FAVORITE place to rest will always be by your side 🙂

To you, and your best friend,