Need some simple, adorable cat Halloween costume ideas? If you hope to dress up your favorite furry feline for the spookiest of holidays, enjoy these step-by-step instructions, tips and tricks.

You’ll also learn how to select Halloween costumes that are safe for your cat as well as some general pet safety info for Halloween parties.

Easy DIY Halloween Cat Costumes: Princess, Chef, Bat, And Flower Halloween Costumes

Time isn’t always on your side when it comes to getting Halloween costumes all sorted. So here are some quick, easy, and always cute cat costumes – just in time for October 31st.

You can either make these cat costumes yourself from scratch, or grab some ready-made parts to piece together a highly original, show-stopping get up for your beloved kitty.

1. Perfect Princess

Your kitty is already the princess of your home, so why not let them indulge in that this year. All you need is three key things:

  1. A tiara: You can buy some great knitted versions (which are much safer than plastic) on Etsy.
  2. Pink leg warmers: Grab some great knitted varieties of leg warmers at very low prices on Etsy.
  3. A tutu: All you need is a small piece of thin elastic and a short piece of pink tulle. Create a circle with the elastic that will fit your cat’s waist comfortably, and then sew the tulle over the elastic to make a tiny round “tutu” for your kitty. You can also buy a cat-specific one if you haven’t the time.

2. Flower Power

Cat’s love to blend in with the garden when they’re on the hunt. This simple, colourful flower costume will have them finally looking like they belong. This petal costume can also be made for your pet collar, so it’s ideal for pet safety (discussed below).

What you’ll need:
  • Two 18×18-inch squares of wool felt in the color, or colors, of your choice
  • A strip of thick ribbon
  • Small piece of velcro for fastening (7/8 inches)
What to do:
  1. Cut ribbon big enough that it will fit loosely around your cat’s neck, with some overlap for fastening.
  2. Draw a single petal shape of preferred size out on a piece of paper – this will be your template.
  3. Trace the petal shape on the felt – you’ll probably need round 7 petals – and then cut out the felt petals.
  4. Stitch the petals to the ribbon, taking care to overlap them by almost half so they’re stitched nice and close together.
  5. Sew velcro fasteners to the ends of the ribbon for fastening.
  6. Secure directly over your kitty’s collar

3. French Chef

Cats are little food connoisseurs, so why not turn yours into a Michelin-star chef for Halloween?

What you’ll need:
  • White tissue paper (7″ x 20″)
  • White cardstock (8-½ ” by 1-⅛ “)
  • Red cotton fabric (2-¼” long and ⅞” wide)
  • Thin white elastic cord (5-6” long)
  • Velcro
  • Clear tape
What to do:
  1. Cut a 7″ x 20″ piece of white tissue paper. Attach one of the long 20″ sides of the tissue paper to a long piece of upside-down adhesive tape.
  2. Press the tissue paper into little folds along the tape, overlapping these folds to create a “pleated effect.”
  3. Take another piece of tape and place it over the pleats, so you’ve now sandwiched your pleated paper between two pieces of tape.
  4. Repeat using the other 20” side of tissue paper, so that both sides are pleated and taped.
  5. Now, take your piece of cardstock and attach one side of the pleated paper using some tape.
  6. Then loop the cardstock around and attach the other side of the pleated paper – so that you’re forming a “closed in” little hat that resembles the rounded shape of a chef’s hat.
  7. Bring the cardstock around to form a circle, and secure it with another piece of tape to form an obvious chef’s hat.
  8. Knot one end of your piece of elastic cording (measure the size of your pet’s head) and secure it to the inside of the hat(by either sewing it on or using tape). Make another knot on the opposite end, and tape it to the opposite side of the hat.
  9. Now for the bonus neckerchief: Cut a strip of fabric that’s around 2-¼” long and ⅞” wide.
    Sew some velcro near both ends, so that you can fasten the neckerchief around your cat’s neck in a loose, crossover fashion. It’s best to fasten this as close to their actual collar as possible.

4. Winged Bat Cat

What you’ll need:
  • ½ yard black felt
  • Black pipe cleaners
  • Spray adhesive
  • Velcro
What to do:
  1. Draw a set of bat wings onto a piece of paper (or find a template online) and trace onto your black felt. Cut out two identical sets of this template.
  2. Spray one set with adhesive glue.
  3. Twist the ends of two pipe cleaners together (to create one long pipe) and bend it to follow the top shape of the felt wings, pressing into the glue. Cut off any excess.
  4. Cut small pieces of pipe cleaner to radiate out from the top to the bottom of the “wing” to create a 3D webbed effect. Push into the adhesive.
  5. Measure your pet’s neck, and add an additional 2″ to the figure. Fold this length of pipe cleaner in half.
  6. Position it at the center top of the wings with the two ends extending out.
  7. Now, coat the second set of felt wings with spray adhesive, position it exactly over the first, and push the two pieces of felt together. Really press the felt together around each pipe cleaner.
  8. Fasten the “neckpiece” pipe cleaners around your cat’s collar.
  9. Because of the pipe cleaners in the wings you can now bend and shape the wings for optimal “bat” effect.

Safety When Dressing Up Your Cat: Proper Fit, Cut, And Comfort For A Happier Pet

Wisely, the ASPCA suggests that you should only put your cat in a costume if you know they like to be dressed.As fun as Halloween is for humans, it could cause undue stress to a kitty.

If you’re not sure how they’ll react, plan ahead with plenty of practice time when you’re home alone with your cat. You also need to ensure that the costume doesn’t pull on their fur, limit their natural movement, or their ability to see, hear, or breathe. This includes their whiskers, which they need in order to judge spatial awareness.

The costume should fit well – it shouldn’t be too big or too small. Poorly fitting outfits could get twisted, caught on something, or squeeze into your pet, leading to injury.

Just as with a small child, check the costume carefully for anything that could present a choking hazard – like small pieces of foam or plastic.

Ultimately, if your cat isn’t a fan of being dressed, let them be, or keep it super symbol like a bandana or fancy collar.

Safety Tips: Potential Dangers Of Halloween Parties And Halloween Party Decorations For Cats

Whether you’re hosting yourself, or taking your cat along to a halloween party, there are a few key safety issues that you should consider.

  • Keep sweets and treats out of reach. Remember that some human favorites can be extremely poisonous for pets – especially chocolate.2
  • Consider your cat’s safety around decorations like candles – especially if they’re in costume – as well as hanging wires and strings. Cats are curious by nature.
  • Speaking of which, carved and lit jack-o-lanterns can easily be knocked over by a curious pet and could start a fire.
  • People are always in and out of doors at parties, so you need to be conscious that your cat could easily escape outside. This is particularly of concern if your kitty is an indoor cat. But also an issue if your cat is dressed up, as their costume could easily become entangled and trap them if they try to do their usual cat-like activities.
  • A lot of strangers in the home can be scary for your pet. Only social dogs and cats should attend Halloween parties. More reserved or easily startled pets should be locked away in a quiet room where no one will disturb them.
  • Remember that your cat may not recognize you in your Halloween costume. So you should do a test run with your own outfit and continue to assure your cat who you are.

Amazing Halloween Possibilities For Your Dog Or Cat

You only need to take a peep at the internet to see the nearly endless possibilities for pet Halloween costumes. Some involve a bit of basic machine sewing, while others are more complex.

Of course, if you’d rather purchase a ready-made outfit and save yourself time, there are plenty of elaborate Halloween costumes all set to go (which can also be resized to fit your pet): from pumpkins, footballs, and cowboys to Little Red Riding Hood, salty sailors, and New York City “hot dogs.”

Or perhaps your best friend would prefer to lounge between some stuffed pillows of sushi or be transformed into exotic animals for the evening (a lion with faux fur, a spotted ladybug, or a glittery octopus). The options are only bound by your imagination, and your pet’s comfort of course.

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