There’s a huge controversy online about a very popular at-home dog health trend: Feeding your dog coconut oil. 

You see, many people believe coconut oil is a “superfood” because it’s full of MCTs (AKA, medium chain

triglycerides.)1 MCTs are fatty acids that can have amazing benefits for your pup, like supporting their healthy metabolism, sharp brain, and immune response.

But as a veterinarian with an in-depth knowledge of canine health, I had a bad “gut feeling” about this new coconut oil trend. And as I suspected, new research suggests coconut oil ISN’T safe to feed your pup.2 Let me break it down for you.


Here are 2 big reasons why you SHOULDN’T feed your dog coconut oil: 


#1: Half of coconut oil’s “superfood” MCTs are actually lauric acid 

You see, MCTs can be good for your dog. They’re fatty acids that are easy to digest, and can help support your pup’s brain and sharp mind. BUT half of the MCTs in coconut oil are actually lauric acid — which is a huge problem. Because it’s not easy to digest, and oftentimes gets stored in your dog’s body as a bad fatWhich can lead to slower metabolism and weight gain.3  

#2: It can trigger your pup’s immune response in a very bad way 

Aside from lauric acid, coconut oil is also very high in saturated fats — over 80%, to be exact. And research shows these unhealthy fats can lead to inflammation in your pup’s gut, triggering your pup’s immune system to work harder than needed.4 Which oftentimes can actually lead to poor digestion, runny poops, bad breath, weight gain, and itchy skin.5 

As you can see, the negative effects of coconut oil can outweigh the potential benefits. And although there IS conflicting information out there, I still don’t recommend feeding this so-called “superfood” to your dog. 


Instead, I recommend a MUCH easier (and healthier) way to support your dog’s healthy metabolism, sharp mind, and immune system: By feeding your dog a home-prepared diet full of premium meat, omega-3-rich seeds, and antioxidant-rich vegetables and fruit. 


That said, making food for your dog, handling raw meat, and getting all of the macro- and micro-nutrient ratios perfect is tricky (not to mention time-consuming.)

That’s why I created Nature’s Blend — my 100% freeze-dried raw formula.

Each bite of Nature’s Blend is naturally full of: 

  • Premium turkey, beef, and duck to support your dog’s healthy metabolism and balanced energy with protein and iron
  • Omega-3-rich salmon and flaxseed to support your dog’s sharp mind
  • Antioxidant-rich vegetables and fruit like sweet potatoes and blueberries to support your dog’s healthy immune system  

Plus, unlike many dog food brands you might see on store shelves, Nature’s Blend is NOT packed with artificial preservatives, hard to digest fillers, or cooked at scorching high temperatures. These harmful additives and commercial kibble practices can actually cause your dog to struggle with low-energy, weight gain and even health issues over time.6

You see, I chose to gently freeze-dried my formula to naturally protect ALL of the nutrient-dense ingredients that help support your pup’s healthy digestion, brain power, immune response, and youthful vitality7

So they can keep going on walks, learning new games, and cuddling, with you right by their side — for many more years to come. And the savory taste is so delicious, I’m sure your dog will be *very* excited every time you fill their bowl with Nature’s Blend. With each bite, you can be confident your pup is getting amazing nutrients that help them truly thrive and feel their best at ANY age.

To grab your pup’s supply of Nature’s Blend: Click HERE to support your dog’s strong brain, healthy metabolism, and immune response with my 100% freeze-dried raw formula