Last Updated: May 31st, 2019

If you’re a dog parent and your pup is feeling sick, you want to do whatever you can to make them feel better. But when your pooch has an upset stomach, for instance, you may want to look for a natural remedy. In these instances, consider reaching for fresh ginger. After all, when you’ve got an upset stomach, a bit of ginger ale or ginger tea is your go-to to feeling better.

For centuries, different societies have relied on ginger not only for what it adds to food in terms of aroma and flavor, but for its reported health-related benefits.1 Because it could help alleviate symptoms from inflammation to nausea, this amazing root plant may hold the key to your pooch feeling more like themselves in no time.


1. Helps Fight Nausea

If your dog has ever vomited on a road trip, there’s a chance they suffer from motion sickness. Yes, dogs can get carsick! And a dog with an upset stomach occurs more than you’d think, so you’re not alone. If you’re afraid Fido may get motion sickness the next time you hop in the car, consider giving him some powdered ginger with his meal before you hit the road.

In a study conducted with Naval cadets, 1 gram of ginger might be effective in reducing sea-sickness’ severity.2 Now, your dog may not be going to sea anytime soon, but some fresh ginger 30 minutes before you hit the road may just be your dog’s best motion sickness prevention.

2. Aiding Upset Stomachs

If your dog seems a bit more lethargic than normal, or if they’re having frequent upset stomachs, they might be having gas and digestion issues. Unmonitored and excessive built-up gases and stomach pain in dogs can be incredibly painful for them, and in some cases, even fatal.3

How do you know if your dog is experiencing a gassy buildup or excessive stomach pain, though? A few signs of an upset stomach to look for are an enlarged stomach, or if they whine or whimper when you pet their belly.4 These may be indications that a lot of gas has built up.

Thankfully, ginger can be added to your dog’s regular mealtime to help alleviate some of this gas. In various studies, ginger has been shown to successfully “break up and expel intestinal gas.”5

3. Anti-Inflammatory

Watching a dog get older is a bittersweet thing. They may have lost a spring in their step, but a touch of gray around their nose and eyes gives them the look of the elder statesmen they are. It can also be tough watching our best friends experience the pains of growing older. One of the more common ailments in aging canines is joint pain and swelling. Yes, just like humans, dogs can get arthritis.

Fortunately, ginger has been heavily studied to gauge its impact as an anti-inflammatory agent for joints. In fact, one study shows that ginger, and its active compounds, can prevent joint inflammation before it even starts.6 Not only can it prevent joint inflammation, but if your pooch is already experiencing pain from joint discomfort and swelling, giving them powdered ginger with their meals can help with pain relief and management.7

4. Reducing Heartworm Risk

Having a dog means that you need a way to mitigate heartworm and its risks. While heartworm isn’t contagious from dog to dog, it is spread by mosquitos, which leave the immature worms behind after biting your dog.8 If left unchecked, these parasitic worms eventually make their way to the dog’s heart by way of the bloodstream, and over time, they mature and create offspring of their own, posing a big health risk for your dog.9

As a preventative measure, consider supplementing them with an all-natural treatment for heartworms, like ginger. In one study, ginger showed promising results of eliminating the heartworm larvae between 83 to 98 percent.10

How To Give Your Dog Ginger

The ginger can be given to your dog in a number of ways. While you can give it to them in its root form, they may not be too keen on it, so consider pill alternatives or ginger powders. Another way in which you can give your pup ginger is via ginger tea. You can either mix it in with their kibble or see if they’ll drink it from a bowl. Just make sure it isn’t too hot for them!

The Ginger Factor

Finding the right natural remedy to improve your dog’s quality of life and increase their comfort isn’t always easy. Thanks to ginger’s long history of being linked to holistic aids, supplementing your dog’s diet with this excellent root plant may just give them the extra pep in their step they need to keep being your best friend for years to come.