Dr. Marty’s Mission

Hi, I’m Dr. Marty. For the past 45 years, I’ve been on a mission to help dogs and cats live long, healthy, happy lives. I’ve even become known as the veterinarian who helps dogs and cats nobody else can.

You see, early in my career, I made a startling discovery: The artificial preservatives, additives, heavy grains, and low-quality proteins in many commercial pet foods can speed up signs of aging and contribute to serious health issues.

So I switched my canine and feline clients to diets with real cuts of meats, veggies, and fruit. And after a few weeks, I found their overall well-being noticeably improved. Even senior dogs and cats seemed more playful and youthful.

Since then, I’ve been on a mission to change how we understand animal nutrition and care. I’ve spent decades helping pets thrive with my unique approach to pet nutrition. After all, I believe the key to true health is through real food — just as nature intended.

Now, I have the incredible privilege of helping pet parents across the US provide their pets with the best quality nutrition and care they deserve.

Inspired by my clients’ success, I designed premium freeze-dried raw food, treats, and premium supplements to target and help ease common issues they may face with their skin, coat, joints and more.

Combined, these formulas can support your pet’s health, happiness, and healthy lifespan — just like they’ve done for countless dogs and cats in the Dr. Marty Pets community.

That way, you and your dog or cat can play, cuddle, and do all your favorite things together, for years to come.

I can’t wait for your best friend to feel the difference for themselves!

– Dr. Marty

The Kibble Problem

Many store-bought pet food is like junk food. It might satisfy your pet’s hunger until the next mealtime, but they might not do much good for their health in the long run.

Baked with High Heat

Cooking destroys many of the wellness-boosting nutrients

Heavy “Fillers”

Corn, wheat, soy and other grains are often used to “bulk up” pet foods

Artificial Preservatives

These ingredients can lead to tummy trouble, weight gain, and low energy

Meat Meal

This is commonly “slaughterhouse waste” you’d never feed your pet if you knew what it was really made of

Synthetic Nutrients

“Fake” vitamins & minerals that often pass right through your pet’s body, without benefiting them.

Our Pet Food Philosophy

Real Food Ingredients

Our meat, veggies, fruit, and seeds were each selected to support an aspect of your pet’s health, happiness, and longevity.

Freeze-Dried Raw for Maximum Nutrients

Our special freeze-drying process keeps the nutrient quality high (and doesn’t destroy the texture or fresh flavor.)

ZERO Artificial Preservatives, Additives or Synthetic Ingredients

Our recipes are full of real, wholesome food — and never any synthetic nutrients or artificial preservatives.

Protein Rich — No Heavy Grains or Starchy Fillers

We source high-quality meats that are naturally rich in protein, taurine, and healthy fats so you can feed your pet as nature intended.

Raw Made Easy

Our premium freeze-dried raw food is lightweight and stays fresh in the pantry — no refrigeration or freezer required. Plus, you can skip the messy food preparation and serve your dog a premium meal in minutes.

Together We Make a Difference

There is nothing like the bond between a canine companion and their person. That’s why we’re especially proud of our sponsorship with Freedom Service Dogs of America.

This incredible organization custom-trains dogs to become life-changing assistance dogs for people in need, including children and veterans.

By being a part of the Dr. Marty Pets community, you are helping Freedom Service Dogs of America train dogs, find perfect pairs, and provide a lifetime of support.