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Dog Constipation

If your dog is having trouble going number 2, a number of factors could be responsible. Without vet interference or a lifetime of dog experience, it’s difficult to know how to help. In situations like this, you should take your pup to your veterinarian, but there are ways you can help your pal feel comfortable in the meantime. Keep reading to learn those different methods, and how to help prevent dog constipation from happening in the first place.

Dogs are one of the most popular household pets in America. With their loving, loyal, and unique personalities, there’s no question how they earned the title of man (and woman’s) best friend! Whether you’ve been around dogs your entire life, you’re a first-time owner, or just want to learn more about this amazing animal, the Dr. Marty Dog Blog is here to help.

The Dr. Marty Pets Dog Blog aims to address all your questions, concerns, and curiosities about dogs. It’s important for dog owners to be well-informed about their companions, and to have a go-to source to answer any questions that arise. That’s what the Dr. Marty Dog Blog is here for! In the blog, you’ll find answers to your questions, as well as questions you didn’t even know you had. From topics such as basic dog care, dog grooming, what can dogs eat, most energetic breeds, best dogs for first time owners, common dog health conditions, and so much more, the Dr. Marty Dog Blog covers all things dog.