Dogs are one of the most popular household pets in America. Dr. Marty’s dog resources provide an array of dog information to help you learn anything you want to know, and answer questions you didn’t know you had! From basic dog information, to what dogs can eat, all the different breeds, dog health, and so much more, these resources are continuously expanding to offer you the best information possible. Whether you’re a novice, dog enthusiast, or experienced dog owner, there may be a something new to learn. So, start exploring today!

4 Canine Facial Expressions

Remember Dr. Doolittle? He’s the quirky vet who can talk to his animal patients — so naturally, he’s always been one of my favorite characters. Just imagine how fun it would be to sit down and chat with your dog! Well, you may not be able to shoot the breeze with...

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Teach Your Dog How to “Boogie”

Do you remember Soul Train? It was a television show back in the 1970s where dancers with the grooviest moves would boogie non-stop to the best music of the time. We called it “getting down with the boogie” back then 🙂 Well, today, I want to show you how YOU can...

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The Bone Broth Slushie

We’re in the “dog days” of summer! That means these are the HOTTEST days of the year — which makes it more important than ever to help your furry pal stay hydrated. If your pet spends time outside, they’re at risk of overheating… And indoors, their body temperature...

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Should your dog sleep in your bed?

Here’s a question for you… Does your dog sleep in the bed with you at night? Don’t worry, there’s no right or wrong answer here. The reason I ask is simple... According to new research, over HALF of all dog parents share a bed with their canine pals every night.1 Most...

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Dogs are one of the most popular household pets in America. With their loving, loyal, and unique personalities, there’s no question how they earned the title of man (and woman’s) best friend! Whether you’ve been around dogs your entire life, you’re a first-time owner, or just want to learn more about this amazing animal, the Dr. Marty Dog Blog is here to help. The Dr. Marty Pets Dog Blog aims to address all your questions, concerns, and curiosities about dogs. It’s important for dog owners to be well-informed about their companions, and to have a go-to source to answer any questions that arise. That’s what the Dr. Marty Dog Blog is here for! In the blog, you’ll find answers to your questions, as well as questions you didn’t even know you had. From topics such as basic dog care, dog grooming, what can dogs eat, most energetic breeds, best dogs for first time owners, common dog health conditions, and so much more, the Dr. Marty Dog Blog covers all things dog.