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What Customers are Saying:

What Customers
are Saying:

Healthier digestion & firmer poops

More youthful energy & playfulness

Healthy coats
& less itching

Dogs LOVE it
(even picky eaters!)

Healthier digestion
& firmer poops

Healthy coats
& less itching

More youthful energy
& playfulness

More youthful energy & playfulness

Dogs LOVE it
(even picky eaters!)

Amazing product!

Toby, 15 years has his bounce back! He acts like a younger pup after adding this food to his regular diet!

Eve Bohn Verified Reviewer

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Love at first bite!

We have never seen anything like our dog’s reaction to Dr. Marty’s Nature’s Blend. He eats all his dinner now. We are so happy.

Michael Minardi Verified Reviewer

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Nature's Blend

Kara Lee Ann and Kori Andrew absolutely love your dog food.

Betty Sue Velazquez Verified Reviewer

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Jill's baby's

My three little dogs are doing better softer fur I've noticed , and widget gets so excited for his food and he is a very picky easier, all three of them always look for more lol.

Jill Knight Verified Reviewer

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My dog loves this food!!!

I received the product the day before yesterday. It was on time and exactly as promised. My dog Saluda absolutely LOVES this stuff! He sniffed it as soon as I opened the bag, and wouldn't stop trying to get to it, so I fed him a handful. Well, he was hooked then. lol. He's had this food exclusively for the past two days, and he's already more happy to eat than I've ever seen him. I can't wait to see how he is after he's been on this alone for a few weeks. Thank you, Dr. Marty!

Amy Garvey Verified Reviewer

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See It To Believe It

Windy is crazy about Dr. Marty’s Nature’s Blend. When I first opened the bag and gave Windy two pieces to try, that was it. He was immediately sold on Nature’s Blend. He eats it dry as a treat. I now give him one piece at a time with a slight pause between pieces. When I gave him four at once, he gobbled them up before I could blink. I am still shocked by how much he loves them as he was a bit of a fussy eater. The ingredients are so totally healthy too. I’m definitely ordering more; Windy deserves the best. Thanks Dr. Marty.

Audrey Verified Reviewer

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A miracle for my canine!

My dog has had many struggles with allergie, including food. I have tried so many different foods but he had no appetite for any of them . I tried Dr. Marty’s Nature Blend out of the desperation. My lab LOVES it! He has stopped licking his paws incessantly, no longer rubs himself on furniture, people, anything to stop his itching. My pup is a very happy guy!!

Helen Ross Verified Reviewer

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Shiloh is a SPOILED 1 year old Shih Tzu Maltese who has had us running in circles trying to find a food that he will eat. If it isn't fresh cooked salmon we get a look of disgust as he wiggles away in disgust. Well today... he had his first serving of Nature's blend and he just about licked the plate clean.

Shiloh Verified Reviewer

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Rating Dr. Marty’s food

Those Natures Blend Essential Wellness pellets are fabulous! My dogs have gobbled them up since the 1st day I received them. They replace 3 scotof canned food for each of them; they still receive 1 scoop each of lamb pate’ + steamed and diced carrots and green beans for dessert..My dogs are a dachshund “tweenie” at 14 pounds and a chihuahua mix at 9 pounds.

Betty Verified Reviewer

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Senior Discounts

My 3 dogs sizes 17-23 pds. They love it but I can only give them a small handful twice a day mixed with other wet food. It is really expensive on a tight budget.

Sandy Verified Reviewer

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Amazing dog reactions

I have 3 dogs. Rottie, ShihTsu & Havashu. Everyone is picky but i swear i saw my Rotties eyes light up after her first taste & my Havie gobbled it down dry. Next, I'll try it mixed with my ShihTsu's boiled chicken, the pickiest of the picky, and see how that goes. Im happy!

Patricia Verified Reviewer

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His Royal Highness gobbles this food!

After trying at least 50 foods in the past 11 year for one of my two 4 pound chihuahuas, Elliott has decided he LOVES Dr. Marty's food and he gobbles it right up. I used to have to put extras in the other high quality foods such as mashed sardines, crispy minnows, melted cheese, etc. to get him to eat at all. He has always been quite thin but now he has a nice round little tummy from immediately eating Dr. Marty's food. I soak it for about 15 minutes in a little pork bone broth (his preferred meat is pork) and heat it a few seconds and then without any other additives he eats it right up. Joey, my other chi, will eat anything and he loves Dr. Marty's too. So my life has gotten far less stressful with Elliott eating so well. It is really a miracle. And a bag of the food lasts us about 6 weeks considering they are such tiny dogs. Thank you Dr. Marty for creating something that His Royal Highness Elliott eats with gusto!!!

Lynne Ploetz Verified Reviewer

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I have a 3 year old toy Manchester Terrier. I bought him home at 3 months. He was not eating well and he had allergies. I tried different foods. After trying Dr Marty as a topper, we have been completely satisfied. He cleans the bowl every meal. He eats well, he looks great, he has great energy and he sleeps well!😊. Thanks for a job well done!

Junie Brunson Verified Reviewer

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The Picky Boy was converted!

My 7 yr old HIGH ENERGY Border Collie has typically been a bit of a picky eater... would often leave his breakfast in the bowl for hours before consuming it, despite my giving him super high quality food with baked chicken or grilled beef for the meat. Even saved the juices from the meat and add broth!! It was good stuff. I substituted the Dr. Marty's food for the kibble (still gets the cooked chicken or beef) and now he thinks I put treats in his bowl... he eats it right away.

Julie Nise Verified Reviewer

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Cod Crispies

Just received my first bag of the Cod Crispies. Dano, my four year old very discriminating standard poodle loves them....the treats are very crisp so wasn't sure he would like them....a good alternative to the Salmon treats. I actually cut up the salmon treats and add them as inducement on top of the Nature's blend. I am hoping there will be a sale on the beef treats so that we can try those too. Thank you Dr. Marty for helping us take good care of our fur babies.

Carole F Barrett Verified Reviewer

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Why Freeze-Dried Raw?

Most commercial pet food is cooked at high temperatures — which destroys many of the nutrients.

Our premium dog and cat food formulas are gently freeze-dried to help protect the nutrients your pet needs to thrive — and the delicious flavor and texture they love.

Over 45 years of
veterinary experience!

Meet Dr. Marty

Called the “Miracle Worker” by Forbes Magazine, Dr. Marty has been a leading voice in integrative veterinary medicine for more than 45 years. He’s the bestselling author of The Nature of Animal Healing and The Spirit of Animal Healing and has appeared on national television programs including The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Martha Stewart Show, and Good Morning America. He stars in the critically-acclaimed documentary, The Dog Doc.

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  • ZERO Artificial Preservatives or Additives Ingredients like these can potentially harm your pet’s health. That’s why we’re committed to clean, nutritious ingredients that support your furry friend’s happiness and wellbeing.
  • Premium Whole Foods & Award-Winning Ingredients From the New Zealand-raised beef in our freeze-dried raw pet foods to the award-winning compounds in our supplements, we use high-quality ingredients that help your pet thrive.
  • Naturally Irresistible Flavor and Texture Even picky eaters fall in love with our freeze-dried raw foods. And our supplements are naturally delicious (meaning no “pill hiders” necessary!)
  • Third-Party Tested for Purity & Potency Every batch of freeze-dried raw food, supplements, and treats are triple-checked to ensure they’re safe and effective for your furry friend.
  • Freshly Manufactured in North America All Dr. Marty Pets formulas are made at high safety and quality standards, with thoughtfully-sourced ingredients from trusted partners.

Every Dr. Marty Pets purchase supports Freedom Service Dogs of America

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